[Nfbofsc] Call for office supplies answered

David Houck nfbsc at sc.rr.com
Wed Oct 28 18:26:40 UTC 2015

I would like to thank those who contributed office supplies for the
Federation Center of the Blind.  I already mentioned Thom Spittle who
donated a case of paper.  Katherine Zeigler said she would donate some #10
plain white envelopes.  Our distinguished Center Advisory Board member Brian
Clark donated a case of paper, several boxes of black ink pens, a box of #10
envelopes and a box of 9X12" envelopes.  The Cherokee Chapter President
Jamie Allison donated funds so we can purchase 12X15 envelopes for mailing
braille materials.  Also, Center distinguished Advisory Board Chairman Fred
Key donated an updated version of the Duxbury Braille Translator program
software for making braille materials.


We appreciate everyone's assistance when we needed it most.  Thank you!




David Houck

Executive Director

Federation Center of the Blind

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