[Nfbofsc] Note from Moderator: {Disarmed} Amazon help desk

Steve & Shannon Cook cookcafe at sc.rr.com
Thu Mar 2 02:56:54 UTC 2017

Hi All, 


I appreciate all of the great information everyone shares on the list serve.
A portion of the below message is off topic for the list serve.  Let's
continue to grow the NFB!


Steve Cook



Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon help desk.  I saw that on Blind

Bargains as well.  Mike, how did your test turn out?  Pat is going to her G

Y N this afternoon.  They found a thickening on her uterice, so that needs

to be checked  out for the possibility of Cancer. 


We're okay over here.  




Dale and Pat   




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Amazon is the latest company to launch a help desk for disabled customers.

To access it from the US., call toll-free (888) 283-1678. In addition to the

usual technical questions one may ask about using the website or Amazon's

services, agents are able to describe product pictures or assist in the

shopping process. Of note, they are not allowed to actually place an order

for you. It's open from 6 AM-1 AM Eastern time, 7 days a week. 




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