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September 19, 2018 

Memo To:  Executive Officers, Board Members, Chapter & Division Presidents &

From:  Frank Coppel, President

Positive Note 1675

Greetings Fellow Federationists:


              Since 2015, during the third week in September, I have been
dictating the Positive Note from Rocky Bottom where Shelley and I would
normally be directing the fall session of senior camp.  However, due to
travel and uncertain weather conditions this past weekend caused by
Hurricane Florence, a decision was made Thursday afternoon, September 6, by
the Commission for the Blind and RBRCCB to cancel the fall senior camp.
Monday, I contacted chapter presidents along the coast to determine if they
were safe or needed any assistance as a result of the hurricane.  I was
informed although most of them lost power anywhere from 15 to 26 hours,
their damage from the storm was minimal and power had been restored by
Sunday evening or Monday morning.  Our Federation family needs to continue
to keep our members living on the coast in our thoughts and prayers as this
part of the state may encounter issues as a result of potential flooding.
We also need to especially keep those individuals living in North Carolina
who have experienced hardship from the storm in our thoughts and prayers as

              It is time to turn our attention toward Meet the Blind Month
which is held during the month of October.  This is an extremely important
event, because it provides our members the opportunity to educate the public
of the programs and services offered by the National Federation of the
Blind.  Meet the Blind Month activities can also be used as a recruitment
tool to introduce blind individuals to our organization.  It is my hope many
of our chapters and divisions are planning activities in their respective
communities to promote this worthwhile event.  Let me know if your chapter
or division will be having a Meet the Blind Month activity and I will be
glad to share this information in the Positive Note.  

              I have been told by Tiffiny Mitchell, Chairperson of the 2019
Las Vegas national convention transportation committee, we have fulfilled
our obligation of securing twenty seats for the current contract with
American Airlines.  In an effort to maximize the largest possible turnout of
South Carolinians wanting to attend the Las Vegas national convention, I
have asked Tiffiny to continue to monitor on a weekly basis American
Airlines' nonstop group rate airfare from Charlotte to Las Vegas.  Remember,
as with this current contract, a minimum of ten people are needed to qualify
for a group rate.  Once a new contract is signed, individuals will again
have two weeks to make a $50 deposit to reserve and hold their seat.  If you
are interested in attending the 2019 National convention but were unable to
sign up for this current contract, I would encourage you to contact Tiffiny
Mitchell at (803) 603-2098.  I would also strongly encourage chapter
presidents and others to share this very important information with all of
your members.  

              During the next few days or so, all of you should be receiving
your 2019 Las Vegas national Convention tickets.  Let's do all we can to
raise the necessary funds to financially assist as many of our members as
possible to attend the National Convention in Las Vegas.  As we have done
previously, tickets will cost $1.  Remember, the winner of the winning
ticket which will be drawn on January 5, 2019 at the Statewide Seminar will
win $300, the seller of the winning ticket will receive $100, and the
Chapter selling the most tickets will win $300.  

              I am sadden to report Jan Crosby, a member of our Columbia
chapter, brother, William age 63, passed away unexpectedly Monday, September
17.  All of us in our Federation family need to keep Jan and her family in
our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  

              The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is
not the characteristic that defines you or your future.  Every day, we raise
the expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams.  You can live the life you want:
blindness is not what holds you back.  Joining me for comments in this
Positive Note is the President Emeritus of the NFB of SC.  Here is Dr.

              This week we are spotlighting a valued Associate member.  Our
Associate members do everything they can to support the blind and the
federation in many ways locally, statewide and nationally.  Without their
kind assistance, many of us might be hard pressed to get some things
accomplished.  This week we are spotlighting the wife of JW Smith, our
Greenville Chapter President, Mrs. Ora Bell Smith.  Born and raised in
Laurens County, Ora Bell attended public school there as well, completing
her education at Bryson High School.  She later moved to Greenville.  She
was raised by her grandparents on a farm where they raised chickens and hogs
as well as vegetables and potatoes.  You can imagine the canning of
vegetables and making of jams like blackberry preserves.  Ora Bell became a
good cook and has used this talent among others extensively.  September 1,
2018 marked JW and Ora Bell Smith's 28th wedding anniversary.  JW had a
degenerative eye disease but that never bothered Ora Bell.  They have 8
children, 25 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 5
great-great-grandchildren.  I am sure that their family reunions are quiet
large gatherings.  JW and Ora Bell have attended 5 national NFB conventions
and every state convention since they joined in 2001.  Ora Bell drives the
van for the Greenville Chapter and Senior Camps.  She also cooks for the
chapter, works as part of the kitchen crew at Senior Camps, RBRCCB Fun Day
weekends, and the Rocky Bottom Christmas Board Retreats.  She also helps the
chapter Treasurer and in any other way she can be of service.  Her hobbies
include baking cakes and cookies and sewing.  The Smith's attend Old Shady
Oak Baptist Church in Simpsonville where Ora Bell likes to cook for church
events.  I have heard that Ora Bell's vanilla cake which David and Darlene
Houck won at the Center auction was very delicious and did not last long.
Let's salute Ora Bell Smith for her help to President JW Smith, the
Greenville Chapter, Senior Campers, Rocky Bottom visitors and guests and to
others like her church and extended family members for all her hard work and
love in doing all that she accomplishes.


Final Thought:  "Have white cane will travel.  Got Braille?  Have good
blindness skills, will live well.  Got Federation spirit, you will go far
and help others to do so."

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