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Dear friends and leaders,

 I hope to find you well. As you may know, my nonprofit, You Cane Give,
provides canes to the blind at no charge around the world to folks who
cannot afford canes or if they do not n have the resources to acquire a
cane. In Nigeria, for instance, a folding cane costs about $150 USD! So we
collect donated folding canes, restore them with new elastic, tips, and
vinyl, and send them around the world. I must truly commend the support and
giving spirit of many of the chapters and affiliates. Many affiliates
incorporate a cane drive for our initiative! From march 3-18, I will bring a
team of six folks to Kenya to  bring canes and teach basic mobility skills
to the cane recipients and others in the community to keep the training
available. We have received about 60 canes from the California affiliate and
New Jersey affiliate! Amazing! We also have some coming from Colorado! We
are planning to bring 100 canes for our mission. So I am reaching out to all
of you! If you would please spread the word about our initiative, that would
be greatly appreciated. You can go to www.YouCaneGive.org
<http://www.YouCaneGive.org>  for more info on how your members can send old
canes. We even accept parts. Many times, we may have a good cane but a bad
handle. So we use parts to make complete canes. Thank you all for your

Wishing you all well!


James Alan Boehm
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Human Developmental Clinical Mental Health Counseling: M. ED.

Contact Information
Phone: 901-483-1515
Email: James.A.Boehm at Vanderbilt.edu <mailto:James.A.Boehm at Vanderbilt.edu> 
Personal Email: jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com
NFB Email: JBoehm at NFB-TN.org
Learning Ally: JBoehm at LearningAlly.org
Kustom Cane: kustomcane at gmail.com
You Cane Give Initiative: YuCaneGive at gmail.com
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Steve Cook

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