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Blindfold Greeting Card with iTunes (
Marty Schultz, 08 May 05:24 PM


I’ve made some improvements to Blindfold Greeting card and it’s more
popular than ever.  The last time I looked, over 20,000 people had
downloaded it.

Firstly, you can now use music in your iTunes library as part of your
greeting.  Select your favorite song from your iTunes library, trim it
down to about 15 to 30 seconds, using the song edit screen in the app.
Blindfold Greeting Card will combine your song fragment with your
greeting, and then you can send it to anyone via email, text message,
facebook, twitter or any other app.

There are new pre-recorded greetings, including Congratulations, Get
well soon, Happy Anniversary, I miss you, along with the prior
greetings: Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Merry

If you want to record your self – that’s still in there.  If you want
to use text-to-speech and and hear someone else’s voice, your options
include seven voices for US English, two voices for UK English, two
voices for Australian English, and one voice each for Welsh English
and Indian English.

To get Blindfold Greeting Card, tap here:

( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/12318?id=1719054.25021.1.692dcd3a38456995b3ddd71297d121c7

Web Version



Blindfold Games | Miami Beach

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