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I’d be interested in the promotion and publicity committee if that also involved social networking 

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Good morning NFB of Ohio,

I am pleased to present the 2019 committee Descriptions for appointments
attached and below for your review.

I will be glad to answer questions if they are needed. Please call or email
me off list; as communication will "not" be done on Ohio-Talk. Please let me
know which committees you would like to serve on by December 1st. In
addition, if you want to chair a committee, let me know that as well. I will
take that highly under consideration. 

Annually, Committees are reappointed, and members are reassigned with the
discretion of the President. This is done at the National level and Ohio
follows that alinement. Therefore, impartiality has preference when
appointing individuals to chair and serve. If you believe you should chair a
committee let me know in detail and why. Do not assume anything. Right now,
this list is blank. 

2019 NFB of Ohio Committee Descriptions

Charge: To oversee the awards process, to provide information and feedback
when necessary, and to make reasonable judgments about NFBO awards.

Bell Academy
Charge: To organize the bell program and plan efficient ways to promote and
execute this very important academy. The members of this committee will be
screened because of the type of program it is, which is dealing directly
with kids.

Charge: To make sure that all NFBO constitutions are following the state and
national constitutions, both philosophically and rhetorically.

CONVENTION Planning Committee
Charge: To assist and advise the president in the planning and functioning
of our state convention and to provide additional assistance in planning and
executing affiliate activities at national conventions. 

Charge: To advise the president about policies, legislation, strategies, and
initiatives in which the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio should be
engaged to improve educational opportunities for blind youth throughout the

coordinator, PAC coordinator)
Charge: To make members aware of these specific organizational fundraising
opportunities and to implement strategies to increase participation threw
out the year. 

Charge: To investigate additional opportunities to increase NFB-O resources
and to implement effective fundraising strategies and programming. 

Charge: To increase the organization's visibility and effectiveness in the
state legislature and to continue to support our efforts in Washington
throughout the year. 

Charge: To implement effective strategies to recruit and retain members and
to reinvigorate the chapters and divisions of the NFB of Ohio. 

Charge: To promote and publicize the programs and events of the NFB of Ohio
and to acquire as much positive publicity as possible for such activities. 

Charge: To oversee the submission process and to write and distribute
clearly articulated and philosophically sound resolutions. 

Charge: To conduct the affiliate scholarship program and to develop and
implement effective strategies to increase the visibility of the program and
increase participation. 

Web site and NEWSLINE committee
Charge: To assist with updating the content on the web page and Newsline
including advertising and promoting. The members who desire to be a part of
this committee must be very good computer users.

Special project committee
Charge: To assist with corporate donations and to help find ways to fund the
special projects and work of the affiliate. To assist where ever we have the

transportation committee
Charge: To help the affiliate oversee some of the issues around the state
dealing with transportation.

Vehicle donation committee:
Charge: To get more cars donated from Ohio

domestic violence committee: Charge To develop relationships with the
domestic violence agencies in Ohio.
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2019 NFB of Ohio Committee Descriptions

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