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Thank you so much for sending this info out.


I spoke to Danielle Hardin, in the accounting office  about members joining or increasing their giving for the Pre-Authorized Contribution(PAC) and she would like for you to give her a call directly if you would like to increase your monthly contribution. It is important that we in Ohio do our best to contribute to the work of the National Federation of the Blind.

Today, I took the challenge and increased. I have also signed-up my daughter and one of Cleveland's members. If you would like assistance, I can fill out the form and submit it for you. Also, if you have a member who need assistance, have them contact me at (216) 990-6199.

Erick is correct that Ohio sits in 11th place over-all. But, like registration for the Convention, we can do better with our efforts.

Attached is the form to submit. It is a fillable form. But, remember, if you would like to increase, call the accounting office at: 410-659-9314, ex: 2214.

Danielle is expecting you!

If you are not sure if your contributions are still being deducted, call as well. After speaking with the accounting office, there are several members whose information needs to be updated. So call as well to ensure that your contribution is being counted.

How to Join
You can make recurring monthly donations through direct withdrawals from a checking or savings account or sign up with your credit/debit card. The minimum contribution is just $5.00.

To become a PAC contributor, please complete the Pre-Authorized Contribution form and return it to our office as instructed on the form.

Thank you for supporting the efforts of the National Federation of the Blind.


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President Payne and Fellow Federationist from the great state of Ohio,

Right now we are concentrating on getting as many people as we can to register for the National convention, and that’s a great thing. Let’s keep it up I am going to see if I can increase our numbers a little more this weekend. But we can do at least two things at once, and right now that’s all I am asking us to do. In fact I only want you to think about the second thing right now. I don’t even want you to do it. By now Richard is saying Duffy get to the point.

We have a real chance to break into the top ten in PAC contributions during the national convention, and that’s what I  want us to do.  At the right time, I will increase my contribution by $20 per month.  This will happen during convention. I am asking each of you to do what you can. Only you know what that is. Increase your contribution to the degree that you can. If you are currently on the PAC Plan and can increase your monthly contribution by $1 per month that will help us. Please do it! If you can do more Please do it. If you are not on the PAC plan please get ready to sign up. You can have your monthly contribution withdrawn directly from a credit or debit card, checking account or savings account. Please think about this. More information will be coming soon. Let’s show our Federation family members from around the country that we are Ohio proud and Ohio strong.

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