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A great initiative! Two thumbs up!

I am interested to register as a participant with the hope that my sponsors will not ask too much from me. With that in mind, I do have the following four questions:

Q1: Is the treadmill considered as a walking track? 
Q2: How about walking and running?
Q3: Is there a prize for the participant who will walk/run the longest distance during the two months?
Q4: Is the "Rally Up" website fully accessible to input my miles?

Have a nice day.

Live the life you want ...

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      I would like to tell you about an opportunity and initiative that the Ohio Association of Blind Students is starting in hopes of raising money for the Student Division and Affiliate in a fun and engaging way. All proceeds will be split 75/25 between the affiliate and the student division. Our goal for this fundraiser is 500 dollars and the fundraiser will run over the course of two months, starting July 1st.

     We are hosting a virtual walk thon through a website called Rally Up.
The premise is for members of the NFB of Ohio and chapters and divisions to sign up as either a participant or a donor on this website. Donors can pick a participant to sponsor or they can directly donate to the fund. The participants are the ones who will be walking. They may choose to either join a team or walk individually. We hope for chapters and divisions to be the teams. All participants will have to sign up with an account on the website to participate. This will be on an honor system because there is no way to track who walks what through the platform. So basically, you can sign up on the website that will be linked below. You can sign up as a donor or as a walker (also known as a participant). If you sign up as a donor then you can choose if you want to challenge a participant to walk a certain amount and you will donate some amount for each mile they walk. If you are also signing up as a donor then you can also choose to just donate a set amount regardless of the amount a participant walks. Participants should reach out to their personal circles such as friends and families in order to gain donors for their walking efforts.

     We are very excited to launch this walkathon and we hope you all can join us! I also hope this can help some of us get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. The link for the Fundraiser page is linked below. Participants must click the participant button on the upper right to sign up to walk and donors click the button left of participant center.

 Please reach out if there are any questions or concerns.  This is a new endeavor for us and we are more than happy to address any questions or concerns. Let’s get Ohio moving!

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