[NFBOK-Talk] FW: Introducing National Braille factory

Sundling Selena J Selena.J.Sundling at irs.gov
Tue Mar 1 13:42:58 UTC 2011

I already emailed her for our state convention.


Dear Affiliate Executive:

Please allow me to introduce myself and our company!  My name is Allison.  National Braille Factory has been producing Braille since 2000.  We have branched out to new different products such as Braille graphics and Braille chocolate.

I am writing to you with two items in mind.  First, our company would like to provide a door prize package for your state convention.  All you need to do is send an email to allison at braillefactory.com with "door prize" in the subject line, a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the convention.  Also in the email please include a contact person, a phone number and the mailing address stating where the door prize is to be shipped.  In this package you will find a sampling of our Braille chocolate (milk, dark, white and sugar free), a raised line tactile coloring book and a gift certificate towards the Brailling of a box of business cards.

As I mentioned in the door prize package listed above, we produce Braille chocolate. You can have these delicious chocolate delights that have a Braille saying like THANK YOU or CONGRATULATIONS in both raised Uncontracted Braille and print.  You can use the candy bars to simply give away to guest speakers or as a thank you to your volunteers.  Some organizations have used them to promote Braille as well as for fund raisers.  If you like, we can produce your very own customized Brailled candy bar mold.  The chocolate candy bars are roughly the size of a credit card but ¼ inch thick and much tastier!
As mentioned, the bars come in milk, dark, white and sugar free chocolate.  Each bar comes wrapped in gold tin foil that we can customize with your preferred color, as well as an individual box to house the bar should you so desire.  We are here to meet your Brailled chocolate needs.

Our tactile, raised line Braille coloring books are a great social activity with the younger folks in our lives with a visual challenge.
We are prepared to custom design a series of 10 pictures that our graphic designer will produce, plus we can customize the front page to reflect whatever you desire.

Secondly, we are extending a reduced price for the Brailling of business cards from March 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.  You simply send us your already cut down to size printed business cards and we will emboss for you, up to 4 lines, 13 characters per line with info such as your company/organization name, the card holder's name and the card holder's phone number.  This reduction in price of the production of the Brailling of business cards is to celebrate our new U.S.A.
address!  We are hoping this makes it more convenient for you to ship your business cards to us.

Please do not hesitate to email me for pricing or for more information. Thank you for your time!


Allison Follis
National Braille Factory

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