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Please see the email below. Would love to see some Oklahoma recipes  make the cut. 

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> Normally the Braille Monitor solicits recipes from each state and features them in a monthly column, but how about trying something a bit different for the season? This request is that you send us your favorite Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa recipe or recipes, and tell us why they are a tradition in your family? Although it is clear we can’t get everyone’s favorite in the space we have, we should be able to treat our readers to some special holiday treats and the stories that make them special.
> Kindly submit your favorites to me at 
> gwunder at nfb.org
> and include Recipes in the subject line. Please give us a sentence or two about yourself since we always feature a bit of biographical information with each recipe.
> Warmly,
> Gary Wunder, Editor
> The Braille Monitor
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