[NFBOK-Talk] Oklahoma Proposed State Bills Effecting the BEP

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Talking points for your representatives. I will add this in an attachment and also in the below space. Please share!
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House Bill 3023                                                                       By:   Pfeiffer and Hickman

relating to the State Capitol Building; amending 7 O.S. 2011, Section 73, which relates to vending facilities; providing exception for areas of the State Capitol Building; and providing an effective date.

The last time a bill like this was introduced, the vote was scheduled on Disability Awareness day by Hickman. This was a total humiliation to the blind community. Exposed by the press, it was defeated.


  1.. By making the Capital another exclusion for our managers, it would promote more agencies to be exempt. 
  2.. Many offices over the years have moved out of the Capital reducing the amount of traffic at the Capitol during the months that the legislature is not in session reducing profit margins for our managers. 
  3.. Free food is welcomed at the Capital. Companies are allowed to bring in free food to the staff at the Capital reducing profitability at the Capital. 
  4.. Our managers are not contacted by any staff to cater activities at the Capital including Disability Awareness Day. 
  5.. We have been refused the Coffee Service that the Capital has for its staff.

The unwillingness of the Capital to work with our managers has been a challenge.  We feel that our presence is very important to our representatives so that they will not forget that our program is a very important one. It provides us with a living, we pay local, state and federal taxes, we employ people in our communities and we pay a certain percentage back to our agency; one of the few programs in our state that does this.

HOUSE BILL 2745 By: Conor 

This bill would not only hurt the small blind business owner or manager but all small businesses in general.

  1.. Sanitation. Due to unwashed cans and bottles, storing of these products would encourage ants, rodents and other such critters thriving on the sugar content of most products. A business would need a staff member to wash out the cans and bottles to keep this from happening. This would be very time consuming for the business owner or manager to have to do this for the public. This would increase cost for the business and could propose a problem with small profit margins that would put them “out of business”. 
  2.. Cost. Money would have to be kept on hand to refund the refund of the cans regardless of where they were bought. This could put a burden on the business between payments from the distributor. This too could put a business “out of business”. 
  3.. The cost of the recycling process will add to the cost of the product. Our customers are already grumbling about the cost of products and there is a limit to what they are willing to spend. There is a tolerance level. Once this tolerance level is not met, they refuse to buy. This could put a business “out of business”. 
  4.. Small business may not have the capacity for storing the cans and bottles between pickups. Many businesses utilize every inch of their space for products and cannot spare any space for this kind of storage. It would create a total nightmare out of trying to comply with this law. With limited space, a business would have to decide what product space they would have to give up to comply with this law. This could put a business “out of business”.

Conclusion: Many cities already have recycling centers and people are encouraged to recycle. We should not be forced to do so. The consumer should be free to choose.
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