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Reading the Braille Monitor: A New Year's Resolution that Is Easy to Keep


Reading the Braille Monitor is an easy resolution to keep because it
provides items for reflection, information, and inspiration. The monitor is
always accessible because you can get the magazine in the format that you
prefer: email, website, audio, braille, print. The January edition is a good
example of the interesting things you will find by keeping this resolution. 

If you are in the mood for reflection, which people usually are in January,
the Braille Monitor offers a nice variety of things to think about. The
article entitled, "The NFB of Pennsylvania Convention Then and Now," and the
reprinted newspaper article, "Statewide Blind Group Meets at Birthplace,"
offer reflections on the beginning of our movement as well as current

Steve Jacobson's article, "When History Repeats Itself, Why Must Blind
People be Victims?" offers much to think about concerning Braille and the

Dr. Ed Vaughan reminds us of the different perspectives held by the consumer
versus workers from the agency or organization providing the service. Do you
know what the word pelf means? Find out by reading this interesting article,
"Person, Power, and Pelf." 

"Keeping some of the Good Oranges" is not about fruit. This article, with
its intriguing title, by Justin Salisbury, presents interesting points about
who should be a teacher of blind students. 

Two articles in the January issue are excellent sources of information. The
article by Jan Bailey, entitled "Low-Tech Solutions for Employment of the
Blind," will be helpful to both counselors and employees. We all need the
reminder not to overlook low tech solutions. The chairman of the scholarship
committee, Patti Gregory-Chang, wrote a must-read article for blind students
entitled "The Secret to Winning a National Federation of the Blind
Scholarship." All of us should use this article to advertise our scholarship

There are two articles in the January Monitor that are particularly
inspiring. Ken Cary, age 75, who is both deaf and blind, describes how he
lives the life he wants. He also illustrates the importance of good
orientation and mobility instruction in his article entitled "Senior
Citizens Take on Senior Challenges."  After you read the article "A Matter
of Dignity: How Minnesota is Failing the Disabled," you will definitely be
inspired to convince Congress to immediately pass the Time Act. This article
also gives food for thought on why the Time Act is so necessary. 


Start the year off right! Go to:

Read the Braille Monitor!!


Sharon Maneki 



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