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On Thursday, November 10, 2016 3:06 PM, Bookshare <helpbookshare at benetech.org> wrote:

            Dear Jeffrey,
            Weeks ago, the House of Representatives proposed drastic Federal budget cuts that threaten Bookshare!
            Over the summer, the House of Representatives proposed a spending bill that would drastically cut funding for the program from which Bookshare receives its support.  This cut would have a devastating effect on Bookshare.  The Senate, on the other hand, proposed a bill that would keep the funding at the same level that it was in the 2016 fiscal year.  Act now and send a letter to Congress in support of funding for Bookshare and other special education programs.
            Members of Congress prioritize programs that their constituents tell them are important, and your support could mean the difference between Bookshare continuing to help those with print disabilities, or no longer being able to do so. The House and Senate are coming together to negotiate a final spending package for the 2017 fiscal year; please write your federal elected officials, asking for support for the Senate funding level.
            This is a critical moment – and the window of time is narrow. Please lend your voice to the effort to save the program.  Write to Congress to help prevent Bookshare from falling victim to this potentially disastrous funding cut. Please also share this letter with your networks so that Congress hears how important Bookshare is!
            Jim Fruchterman


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