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Federation family - Please pass along the following information to anyone


Sprint is working to expand and improve upon their services to the DeafBlind
community and would like to collaborate with the Deaf-Blind Division and the
NFB as a whole.


As you may know, Sprint is the exclusive provider of IP Relay
<http://www.sprintip.com/> , which is used by many DeafBlind consumers for
making telephone calls.  


Sprint also provides Relay Conference Captioning for meetings. Relay
operators caption everything that's said in the meeting, and the captions
can be read in real time, in print or braille, on a laptop, tablet, phone or
braille display. A transcript of the meeting is also available. 

Relay Conference Captioning service is available in the following states:
New Jersey, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, West Virginia, Hawaii,
Florida and Federal Relay. 


Now, Sprint is looking for feedback from the DeafBlind community on their
web-based application <http://www.sprintip.com/>  and their Sprint Mobile IP
apps for iPhone <https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sprint-ip/id542802329?mt=8>
, iPad <https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sprint-ip/id542802329?mt=8> , and
android <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sprint.trs&hl=en>
devices. They are interested in how it works with braille and/or screen
readers. They would also like to know which braille or screen readers are
preferred by the DeafBlind community.


Interested individuals may contact Mike Ellis, the Global Director of
Accessibility at Sprint, if they have any additional questions and/or want
to participate in this collaboration. He can be contacted by email at
michael.j.ellis at sprint.com <mailto:michael.j.ellis at sprint.com> , by
telephone at 720-982-2938, and by video phone at 720-399-6690.


For more information about Sprint IP Relay, go to www.sprintip.com

To access the web-based application, click on this link

To download the ios (iPhone and iPad) app, click on this link

To download the android app, click on this link


Alice Eaddy, President

National Federation of the Blind Deaf-Blind Division



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