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Senate Bill 733 (Older Blind Program) will be heard in House Appropriations & Budget Committee on Monday, April 17, starting at 03:05 p.m. in room 206 at the Capitol. Please scroll down for more information.

When:  Monday, April 17, 2017 03:05 PM Or AA1
Where:  Room 206
   1. Welcome and introductions.
   2. SB15 - Teachers; providing for development and implementation of teacher recruitment programs. Effective date. Emergency. - Martinez, Bice*
   3. SB28 - OLETS; making certain allowances; direction deposits. Effective date. - Frix, Thompson*
   4. SB40 - [Firearms; allowing exception; inclusions. Effective date.] - Cleveland, Bergstrom*
   5. SB58 - Alcoholic beverages; rate of tax on certain gross receipts. Effective date. - Mulready, Bice*
   6. SB114 - Counties and county officers; provisions relating to allocation of certain funds. Effective date. - Biggs, Sharp*
   7. SB153 - State parks; services; removing certain fee allocation. Effective date. - McDaniel, Fields*
   8. SB154 - Incentive Evaluation Act; expanding actions which may be taken by Incentive Evaluation Commission. - Babinec, Dugger*
   9. SB160 - Operation of vessels; establishing exemption from liability under certain circumstances. Effective date. - Moore, Brown*
   10. SB214 - [Public finance; state ceiling pool designations and reservation amounts; application requirements. Effective date.] - Pfeiffer, Griffin*
   11. SB235 - [Sales tax; clarifying application of certain exemption; extending exemption to certain contractors; requiring certification. Effective date.] - Pfeiffer, Thompson*
   12. SB261 - State Aid formula; creating a task force to study and make recommendations to improve the formula. Effective date. Emergency. - Casey, Fields*
   13. SB291 - [Income tax credits; creating Task Force for the Study of a Tax Credit Repurchase Program; providing purpose and duties.] - Echols, Newberry*
   14. SB293 - [Ad valorem tax; qualifications for certain manufacturing facilities; requirement for certain manufacturers. Effective date.] - Osborn (Leslie), David*
   15. SB312 - Building codes; church accommodations; adding requirement. Effective date. Emergency. - Ownbey, Simpson*
   16. SB323 - Elections; requirements for candidate filing petitions and fees. Effective date. - Wallace, Paxton*
   17. SB326 - [State contracts; limiting use of certain contracting program.] - Pfeiffer, Smalley*
   18. SB353 - [Sales tax; providing exemption for sales to or by National Guard Association of Oklahoma. Effective date.] - Moore, David*
   19. SB442 - Aircraft taxation; terms and definitions. Effective date. Emergency. - Brumbaugh, Fields*
   20. SB445 - [Income tax credit; allocation and calculation of caps for Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act. Effective date.] - Calvey, Newhouse*
   21. SB529 - [Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program; modifying certain income qualification; updating references. Effective date.] - Henke, Smalley*
   22. SB588 - [Property transfer; transferring the Forest Heritage Center from the Department of Tourism to the Department of Agriculture. Effective date.] - Tadlock, Silk*
   23. SB591 - [Vehicle weight and load; weight formula for permits; providing penalties for operating overweight vehicles. Effective date.] - Roberts (Dustin), Allen*
   24. SB592 - [Motor vehicles; transferring divisions from Corporation Commission to the Department of Public Safety. Effective date.] - Roberts (Dustin), Allen*
   25. SB618 - [Teacher pay; establishing minimum salary schedule for teachers; defining fringe benefits. Effective date.] - Osborn (Leslie), Stanislawski*
   26. SB638 - Public finance; creating State Debt Affordability Study Act. Effective date. - Montgomery, Treat*
   27. SB652 - Public health; direction certain action to seek funds for certain purposes. Effective date. - Young, Pittman*
   28. SB661 - [Small claims procedure; expanding eligibility; requirements for transfer. Effective date.] - Kannady, Sparks*
   29. SB690 - Social work; directing collaboration for certain purposes. Effective date. Emergency. - Moore, David*
   30. SB705 - [Aircraft excise tax; apportionment of revenue and application of certain cap. Effective date.] - Wright, Fields*
   31. SB733 - [Commission on Rehabilitation Services; including certain revenue in fund. Effective date.] - Osborn (Leslie), Griffin*
   32. SB741 - [Oklahoma Medicaid Program; permitting certain collaboration; providing standards. Effective date.] - West (Tammy), Pugh*
   33. SB748 - [Department of Human Services; permitting pilot program; directing evaluation of certain information. Effective date.] - Baker, Griffin*
   34. SB749 - Agriculture; creating the Urban Gardens Grant Act. Effective date. - Nichols, Matthews*
   35. SB769 - [Oklahoma General Corporation Act; authorizing action to determine validity of certain instruments. Effective date.] - Montgomery, Leewright*
   36. SB773 - Oklahoma Medicaid Program; directing Oklahoma Health Care Authority to initiate certain procedures. Effective date. - Mulready, David*
   37. SB774 - [Residential Care Act; directing establishment of certain fee; specifying limit. Effective date.] - Caldwell, David*
   38. SB813 - Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services; increasing limit on certain fees. Effective date. - Caldwell, Griffin*
   39. SB815 - Water Resources; authorizing Water Resources Board to make transfer to REAP Water Projects Fund. Effective date. Emergency. - Pfeiffer, Fields*
   40. SB819 - [Oklahoma Health Care Authority; clarifying names of certain entities. Effective date.] - Ownbey, Simpson*
   41. SB828 - Oklahoma Health Care Authority; creating Nursing Facility Supplemental Payment Program Revolving Fund. Effective date. Emergency. - Caldwell, Griffin*
   42. SB829 - Oklahoma Children's Code; extending submission date of certain report. Effective date. - Bush, Griffin*
   43. Other business and adjournment.

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