[NFBOK-Talk] Blind Push Back - Your help is needed!

Jeannie Massay jmassay1 at cox.net
Sun Feb 26 20:56:18 UTC 2017

Greetings everyone.


We need you, your friends, family and anyone on social media who can be
convince to spend a few seconds supporting our cause. Here's what we need
you to do:


1. Follow the @nfbok account on Twitter and retweet us like crazy.

2. Write your own tweets opposing HB 1861 and HB 2230. Use the hashtag
#BlindPushBack. When tweeting about HB 1861, be sure to tag the bliss
author, @leslieosborn1. Sample tweets that you can cut and paste are below.

3. Like our Facebook page:


4. Share our Facebook posts on your personal timeline and gather support
from your friends and family.

5. Both HB 1861 and 2230 will be acted on by the Legislature in some
capacity on Wednesday March 1. Keep the tweets and post coming from now
through Wednesday. We need to keep the pressure up.


We need lots of volume to have a successful social media campaign.
Retweeting and sharing just takes a few minutes. We must stand together as
the blind push back against harmful legislation about us that was written
without input from us. 


HB 1861 seeks to move rehabilitation services for older blind to private
entities and out of the Visual Services Division of DRS. Private entities
don't have the blindness skills and experience that is offered by Visual
Services staff so training would reduce in quality. Also, Visual Services
provides services statewide, including rural areas. Private entities are
limited to their regional locations and will leave rural Oklahomans without


HB 2230 gives an exemption to county jails allowing them to exclude their
commissaries from the Randolph-Sheppard Blind Entrepreneurs Program. This
will put blind business owners out of work unfairly. Jobs for the blind are
already hard to come by. We don't want these jobs taken away.


Sample tweets to copy and paste:


Rep. @leslieosborn1 The blind of Oklahoma know what services and training
work best for us. We want services from @OKDRS. #BlindPushBack


Tell Representative @leslieosborn1 that blind Oklahomans have a voice. Not
about us, without us. No on HB 1861 #BlindPushBack


HB 1861 will reduce services to older blind in OK. Keep services with
@okdrs. @leslieosborn1 #BlindPushBack



HB 2230 unfairly takes jobs from the blind. Let us work! @okhousenews


Unemployment for blind is 70%. HB 2230 will make this worse. Don't take our
jobs. @okhousenews #BlindPushBack



We want to work, not be forced on to social benefits. No on HB 2230.
@okhousenews #BlindPushBack


Thank you for standing together for #BlindPushBack


Audrey T. Farnum

First Vice President

Communications Director

NationalFederation of the Blind Of Oklahoma

www.nfbok.org <http://www.nfbok.org> 



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