[NFBOK-Talk] House Bills 1861 & 2230

Rhonda Hutson rhondahutson3 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 03:34:32 UTC 2017

Today was not a good day for the blind at the Capital. HB1861 is going to the house floor and not surprised after the rough start this morning which I have posted on facebook. Please fell free to copy and paste the below and share.

I am still in total shock at the treatment and discrimination that Chair of the County Municipal Committee, Tulsa Rep. Sean Roberts,  showed toward us today. After promising to allow us to speak to the committee, he chose on request of the author Tulsa Rep. Glen Mulready who is in the Tulsa Sheriff's back pocket and gave false information to the committee. Rep. Sean Roberts could have overturned the decision and was asked by several committee members to allow us and the Sheriff to speak and Rep. Roberts turned us down. At the end, Tulsa Rep Goodwin asked to have explain to us what was going on for those of us that couldn’t see. Rep Roberts refused and just gave us the ending vote. Come to find out afterwards that it was a tie vote and the House Whip came in without hearing the bill and voted to allow it to go to the whole house. 

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