[NFBOK-Talk] Persons with Disabilities Day, S 733 & HB 2230

Jeanie Massay jeannie.massay at nfbok.org
Mon Mar 27 23:55:30 UTC 2017

Greetings Federation family!


Tomorrow, March 28, is Persons with Disabilities Day at the Oklahoma State
Capitol. If you are attending, please make sure to do the following:


1.       Drop by the National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma table
located at  White 408. The Federationists manning the table can answer
questions about the two following issues if you need help in what to say to
your legislators. Also, please stop by  to give them an opportunity to visit
their legislators as well!

2.       Visit your House Representative and let them know that you oppose S
733 which just came over to the House for engrossment. It is the sister
legislation to HB 1861 regarding moving funding from the Department of
Rehabilitation to private entities for the Older Blind program. 

3.       Visit your Senator and let them know that you oppose HB 2230 which
just came over to the Senate from the House for engrossment. This
legislation will remove priority for our blind merchants from County jails,
potentially leading to the exemption of other facilities as well. 

4.       Stand tall for the Federation! #BlindPushBack


If you are not attending, please  MAKE PHONE CALLS, SEND E-MAILS REGARDING
THE ABOVE TO YOUR House Representative and Senator. Also, please contact the
following with regard to S 733 in the House:


Representative Charles McCall , Speaker of the House by e-mail at
<mailto:charles.mccall at okhouse.gov> charles.mccall at okhouse.gov Or by phone
at (405) 557-7412

Representative Harold Wright , Speaker Pro Temp by e-mail at
<mailto:harold.wright at okhouse.gov> harold.wright at okhouse.gov or by phone at
(405) 557-7325


And, please contact the following with regard to HB 2230 in the Senate:


Senator  Mike Schulz,  President Pro Temp buy e-mail at
<mailto:schulz at oksenate.gov> schulz at oksenate.gov, or by phone at

Senator Greg Treat,  Majority Floor Leader by e-mail at
<mailto:treat at oksenate.gov> treat at oksenate.gov or by phone at 405-521-5632


Post to your social media accounts  using our hash tag #BlindPushBack
Please, remember to be respectful in your engagement with our legislators. 


Have a great day, let's represent well! 


Warm regards, 




Jeannie M. Massay, President

National Federation of theBlind 

Of Oklahoma

505 Baker Street

Norman, OK 73072

Phone: 405-600-0695

 <mailto:Jeannie.massay at nfbok.org> Jeannie.massay at nfbok.org 


Live the life you want!


The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day, we raise
expectations of the blind because low expectations create obstacles between
blind people and our dreams. Blindness is not what holds you back. You can
live the life you want.!. 



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