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National Federation of the Blind Partners with Rice Krispies Treats to Create Braille “Love Notes” for Blind Children


Baltimore, Maryland (August 7, 2018): The National Federation of the Blind has partnered with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats to create accessible “Love Notes” so parents can share messages of love and encouragement with blind children in their lunchboxes. The “Love Notes” are an accessible version of the writable wrapper on Rice Krispies Treats. 


The new, accessible “Love Notes” are available in two forms: Braille stickers and re-recordable audio boxes. The “Love Notes” Braille stickers are heart-shaped to fit in the space on Rice Krispies Treats writable wrappers for written notes. Each Braille sticker sheet includes eight uplifting phrases in Braille for parents to share with their children, from “You’ve Got This” to “Love You Lots.” The re-recordable audio box holds a Rice Krispies Treat and, when opened, plays a ten-second pre-recorded message. The audio box messages can be re-recorded over a thousand times, offering opportunities to share love and support throughout the entire school year. Every package sent to families will include a Braille letter explaining this program and a co-branded Braille alphabet card featuring Snap, Crackle, and Pop, along with information about the NFB’s Braille programs.


Rice Krispies Treats came to the National Federation of the Blind to help create a back-to-school campaign that would intentionally include blind students. The first-ever “Love Notes” in Braille and audio are inspired by their work with many members of the Federation. A brand-new video, which will also be part of a YouTube ad campaign, features Emerie “Eme” Mitchell-Butler and her mom, Tabatha “Tabby” Mitchell, both active members of the National Federation of the Blind. The video demonstrates how Eme, an 11-year-old blind student, lives the life she wants and spreads love and friendship through her music. Kellogg worked closely with the NFB to ensure that the video was a positive and realistic portrayal of a blind student.


Information about the National Federation of the Blind will also be featured on the Rice Krispies website in an effort to let more families know about the support and programs we offer for families of blind children.


“The National Federation of the Blind is committed to helping parents raise blind children who are prepared to be confident, happy, and productive members of society,” said Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. “As a father of three children, I know that a parent’s love and support are critical to every child’s success, whether they are sighted, losing vision, or blind. We are therefore delighted to partner with Rice Krispies Treats, which we know shares our commitment to Braille literacy and our understanding that with love, hope, and determination, we can transform dreams into reality.”


“Kellogg as a whole has a larger connection to this cause with W.K. Kellogg losing his sight and continuing to work at the company full time for a number of years afterwards,” said Jessica Waller, Vice President and co-chair of the Kapable Employee Resource Group at Kellogg. “Inclusion is in our DNA and is now shared through Rice Krispies Treats ‘Love Notes.’ Everyone is important, and we want each child to be able to feel loved, supported, and acknowledged.”


To order “Love Notes” for your own child at no charge, visit ricekrispies.com/lovenotes <https://www.ricekrispies.com/en_US/love-notes.html> ; and join Rice Krispies Treats in sharing love and support this back to school season with the hashtag #SoMuchToLove on social media. Visit nfb.org/feelthelove <https://nfb.org/feelthelove>  to learn more.




About the National Federation of the Blind 

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), headquartered in Baltimore, is the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans. Founded in 1940, the NFB consists of affiliates, chapters, and divisions in the fifty states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico. The NFB defends the rights of blind people of all ages and provides information and support to families with blind children, older Americans who are losing vision, and more. We believe in the hopes and dreams of blind people and work together to transform them into reality. Learn more about our many programs and initiatives at  <http://www.nfb.org> www.nfb.org. 



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