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Greetings fellow Federationists:, 


Many of you are already aware that H.R. 620, the "ADA Education and Reform
Act of 2017," is moving towards a vote in the House of Representatives next
week. This vote is likely to happen on Wednesday, February 14 or Thursday,
February 15.


In light of these developments, the National Federation of the Blind is
mobilizing to reiterate our strong opposition to this bill leading up to the
vote next week. We are encouraging all of our members to call, email, and
contact their representatives via social media over the next few days.


These next few days are critical for us if we hope to stop the momentum of
this bill. We laid the foundation of this work at our Washington Seminar and
this next phase represents the crucial follow-up effort that may very well
help stop this bill and make sure that civil rights for the blind are not
set back by thirty years.


This week, in addition to our efforts at the State Capital on Tuesday,
please make sure to contact your Congressman regarding your opposition to HR
620 and that you wish for them to oppose it as well. The following schedule
of opposition has been recommended by our legislative team: 


Monday, February 12: Phone calls to your representative 

Tuesday, February 13: Social media blasts (tweets, and Facebook posts, etc.)
at your representative 

Wednesday, February 14: Phone calls, emails, and social media blasts 

Thursday, February 15 (the likely day of the vote): More calls, emails, and
social media blasts 


Please do what you can. Make every attempt to make at least one point of
contact with your representative to let them know that you oppose HR 620.
Our voices will be heard when we take collective action.


The direct numbers to our congressmen's offices are below: 


Congressman Tom Cole : 202-225-6165


Congressman Jim Bridenstine: 202-225-2211


Congressman Frank Lucas: 202-225-5565 


Congressman Markwayne Mullin: 202-225-2701


Congressman Steve Russell: 202-225-2132


As always, your help is greatly appreciated. 


Sincere regards, 




Jeannie M. Massay, M.A., LPC

330 W. Gray Street

Suite 415

Norman, OK 73069

jmassay1 at cox.net <mailto:jmassay1 at cox.net>  

Phone: 405-600-0695

Fax: 405-310-4686 


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