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Federationists, friends and family members, 


The House  is expected to vote on HR 620 on Wednesday. In addition to making
calls, we need to work social media to show opposition. We are specifically
targeting Congressmen Cole, Mullin and Russell because they are on record as
supporting the bill. In order for these individuals to see our tweets and
Facebook posts, it is essential to tag them. To do so, simply insert their
@username in the tweet or Facebook post. You may also wish to visit the
Facebook pages for each Representative and leave a message on their page
directly. See the sample messages below for examples of the proper way to


There are several hashtags being used to show opposition. They include:
#OpposeHR620 #HandsOffMyADA and #StopHR620. To use a hashtag in Facebook and
Twitter, simply insert in the message. Usually at the end works best but
there are examples below using it in the middle as well.


There will be Tweets and Posts from the official NFBOK accounts Monday
through Wednesday so you can help by retweeting and sharing. You can follow
us on Twitter with @NFBOK. Our Facebook page is


Sample tweets and posts:


@TomColeOK04 @ RepMullin @RepRussell Please stand with the organized blind
of Oklahoma. Protect the rights of people with disabilities. #StopHR620


Don't strip down the ADA. Vote no on HR 620. @RepMullin @RepRussell


We #OpposeHR620 because it strips down the ADA and attacks the rights of
people with disabilities. @RepMullin @RepRussell @TomColeOK04 #HandsOffMyADA


Protect the rights of people with disabilities. HR 620 sets us back 30
years. #HandsOffMyADA . Stop Hr 620. @TomColeOK04 @RepMullin @RepRussell


@RepMullin @RepRussell @TomColeOK04 HR620 is a broad & overreaching piece of
legislation that will not stop drive-by lawsuits. It only destroys
protections granted by the ADA & harms people with disabilities.


27 years later and businesses still want to shut us out. Congress agrees our
rights don't matter. That's what HR 620 says to people with disabilities.
@TomColeOK04 @RepMullin @RepRussell #StopHR620


Here are the social media accounts to target in your messages:


Representative Steve Russell - 

Twitter @RepRussell




Representative MarkWayne Mullin - 

Twitter @RepMullin




Representative Tom Cole - 

Twitter @TomColeOK04




Audrey T. Farnum

Director of Communications

National Federation of the Blind Oklahoma

communications at nfbok.org <mailto:communications at nfbok.org> 





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