[NFBOK-Talk] Tell AER not to bring back NAC

Jeanie Massay jeannie.massay at nfbok.org
Tue Jan 23 19:58:24 UTC 2018

Dear Friends:
We need your help to make sure that the clock is not turned back for blind
rehabilitation consumers. The Association for the Education and
Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) announced at the end
of the summer last year that it was taking over the agency accreditation
program formerly administered by the National Accreditation Council for
Blind and Low Vision Services (NAC). This would undo the tremendous progress
that has been made in allowing the blind to determine our own destinies and
control the programs that directly influence us.  
The former NAC accreditation program did not consider, or serve the needs
of, blind people and was dropped by most agencies. While we support high
standards and certain accreditations, as described in this Braille Monitor
<https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm18/bm1801/bm180103.htm>  by
Dr. Edward Bell, the NAC program was based on low expectations of blind
people and other flawed principles.
NAC represents the way the world was; the National Federation of the Blind
represents the world of today and the future. We demand a say in the
programs that serve us; we demand to be the ones who evaluate them. NAC
would turn back the clock, but we live in the present and are actively using
our time to shape the future. 
We are asking each of you reading this message to do two things: first, read
this article
<https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm18/bm1801/bm180102.htm>  from
the January issue of the Braille Monitor, written by NFB President Mark
Riccobono. Next, take one or more of the actions that President Riccobono
outlines at the end of the article to let AER know that blind people will
not stand for the revival of NAC.
It is time, once and for all, to say #GoodbyeNAC. Help us put the past
behind us and continue building a future where the blind have a say in the
lives we will live.
Mark A. Riccobono, President
National Federation of the bli

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