[NFBSATX] RSVP list so far for our Holiday Party

Wendy Walker wenintex at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 21:30:48 UTC 2021

The following is a list of those who have confirmed they are attending
our Holiday Party December 18th:
(Please try to arrive before 1:30PM so we can all eat close to the
same time and then, for those who want to participate in the White
Elephant gift exchange, we will start it immediately afterwards)

RSVP list for Holiday party 2021
Albright, Heather (2)
Baldwin, Bryan
Carrillo, Frank (2)
Howell, Margaret
Jackson, Patty (2)
Litzler, Sara
Mesqueda, Cheryl (4)
Pellicciotti, Amelia
Ramirez, Joanne (2)
Royal, Traci (2)
Salinas, Jenny
Staley, Harry (3)
Walker, Wendy
 Zertuche, Laurie

That's 24 confirmed so far so it should be a lot of fun!
I will send that number to the restaurant but but  let me know if I
missed you on the list.

Wendy Walker
San Antonio Chapter

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