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Are you planning to use the Crowd Compass app to access your meeting
schedule for the convention? If you are, and if you have meetings to attend
that are not on the agenda, you can add those meetings by doing the

Open the menu at the top left of your screen (if you are using a phone).
When the menu opens you should be able to find "My Schedule." Select that
menu item. Then, find the "add appointment" button. On the iPhone app, that
button is near the bottom right. I assume it might be similar on an Android
device. Once you have selected that add appointment option, a new screen
will open that will allow you to input information about planned activity
that is not listed on the agenda. It might be a virtual dinner with a
friend or a dental appointment that falls during the convention. Or, it
could be a planning meeting that isn't listed on the agenda. In any event,
once you input the information for that event, it will show up on your
schedule for the appropriate date and time. That way, you won't plan to
attend a meeting at that time.

I hope this is helpful. If others have tips, please feel free to share. I
am sure someone can correct some part of what I have said here to make it
simpler, but I hope this helps. I know I was pleased to find this option.

Have a great day.

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