[NFBV-Alexandria] FW: Fairfax Chapter invitation to a Collaborative Event

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Thu Jan 10 15:39:33 UTC 2019

Please see the below message and contact Joy as instructed if you are
interested in supporting the Fairfax chapter's efforts.


Brian Miller


Alexandria Chapter




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Subject: Fairfax Chapter invitation to a Collaborative Event


Good Morning,


I am reaching out to all of you to invite your chapter to join the Fairfax
Chapter in volunteering and supporting a community event in Oldtown Fairfax
City.  The Fairfax City Chocolate Lovers Festival has invited the Fairfax
Chapter to volunteer to run a portion of their Cake Walk on Saturday,
February 2 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm in Oldtown Fairfax City, as part of the
Festival.  Participation requires minimal effort as all we would need to do
is bring music of our choice and a device that will connect to their
speakers, run the Cake Walk for the hour, and donate cakes.  In addition,
will need to share information about the event with our families and friends
to generate participation.  As we begin to organize our participation, I'm
sure there will be other volunteer opportunities needed to support our
membership's participation.


If your Chapter is interested in supporting this event by 1 or more of your
Chapter members volunteering on the day of the event and/or donating 1 or
more cakes, we need to know by Friday January 11 at 12:00pm.  Please send an
e-mail with contact information for your Chapter (President, e-mail, phone,
as well as the official name of your Chapter) Joy Relton, Bobbi Cohen and
myself (e-mail addresses below and copied on this message.  This information
is needed for the registration form and will be used to advertise/promote
each Chapter.


jrelton at verizon.net <mailto:jrelton at verizon.net>  Volunteer coordinator 

robertac058 at gmail.com <mailto:robertac058 at gmail.com>  Cake Coordinator

amcarr1 at verizon.net <mailto:amcarr1 at verizon.net>  Chapter Vice President


We hope that your Chapter will be able to join us, and that it will be the
first of many future joint projects.


Annette Carr

NFB Fairfax Chapter Vice President, CLI Participant

Amcarr1 at verizon.net <mailto:Amcarr1 at verizon.net> 


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