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Please excuse Nira, my little gray kitty.  She paid an unauthorized visit to my keyboard and caused the last message to go out prematurely.I need to advise you of tomorrow's meeting's importance.  It is our last meeting before next month's state convention which our chapter is hosting November 9 through 11 at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House.  As the host chapter, we have numerous responsibilities,  one of which is to provide child care.  Pam Ehrmann, who  is in charge of that function, does not have enough people to assist her.  If you are willing to spend any time working with Pam and her family in the child care room, you must undergo a background check.  This not our chapter's decision.  We must complete these background checks to comply with the affiliate's  liability insurance policy.  Anyone who is willing to assist Pam should please contact her.  Then, depending on what the two of you decide, either you or she can contact Mark Rhone and provide your phone number.

Maria Reigger is in charge of regist5ration and melody Rohne is handling door prizes.  Mellody needs people at the registration table to Braille the names of everyone who registers.   These names will be put into a container for door prize drawings.

Anyone who genuinely needs financial assistance for the convention can have $47, $32 for the banquet and $15 for registration.  These are preregistration amounts, so these requests must be submitted before October 26.  Anyone who requires this assistance must first purchase his/her banquet ticket and register for the convention.  After the convention, each person who wants this reimbursement must present proof of purchase and attendance.  This can be a canceled check, cash receipt, convention badge   If anyone has problems with any part of this, please contact mCIf there are any questions, please do not   Please call me if you have questions or concerns, preferably before October 26 when I leave                         for Chicago and will not return until very late the evening of November 2.
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