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Welcome back to another Crier. I hope this is a prelude toan actual in-person meeting on June 20th at a larger meeting spaceat the Fredericksburg Library. We should know soon. If that in-person meetinghappens, there may also be a virtual component for those not yet ready totravel or mingle.There will be more about the next meeting soon.


     I just listenedto a new Blind Abilities on my Amazon Echo device. As I hope you know, you canalso listen to it on your smart device, or phone, or podcast, or by going toBlindAbilities.com. Whatever method you choose, the results can be veryinformative and entertaining.

     The edition I amrefering to below is about a Braille keyboard of sorts. This device can linkwith computers andsmartphones and I-pads and tablets. It describes how theywork and how a TVI can be involved with working with a student. They alsodiscuss pricing and possible government financing.


     I do not knowBraille nor have I worked with a TVI so I am ignorant of some terms used in thepodcast, but it sounds like it could be very important to many BVI students orthe community in general. Listen to it in good health and see you soon

Dick Byrne

rtbyrne at aol.com


Americsn Printing House is Keeping Braille at your FingerTips: Introducing the Mantiss Q40 and the Camelion 20.

Go to BlindAbilities or the address below




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