[Nfbv-potomac-announce] Membership Chair

John Halverson johnh50 at verizon.net
Sun Nov 22 17:14:43 UTC 2015


Nancy Yeager, our membership chair is resigning after a considerable time of
great service.

I am calling for a volunteer or volunteers from which to select a new chair.
This committee is extremely important.  We need to grow the chapter
membership.  We are already a great chapter as demonstrated in our
fabulously successful assistance with our 2015 state convention and can only
become better.

As we have discussed, we need to follow-through with new members by helping
them learn about our philosophy and more importantly make them feel welcome
and a part of us by insuring their involvement in our programs.

Of course the chair and even the committee should not be responsible for all
of this.  Rather they need to coordinate with the chapter to help us meet
these objectives.

I would appreciate you telling us of your interest to become membership
chair prior to our holiday celebration.  Also, if you have suggestions for
someone else to become chair, please let me know of your ideas.

Thank you.


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