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Deepa asked me to forward this to the chapter.  I am glad to do so.


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Would you mind sending this announcement out to the Potomac Chapter?




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	Please send out to your students interning in D.C. for the summer:
	The *Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective* invites you to
	informal lunchtime gathering of friends, comrades, neighbors, and
	colleagues a few days ahead of the Americans with Disabilities Act
	anniversary (July 26). What can be better than food and friends,
	in hard times for so many of us?
	*Date*: Saturday 23 July 2016
	*Time*: 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M.
	*Place*: Mayur Kabab House, 1108 K Street NW
	*** This is a safer space for people who identify as disabled,
	neurodivergent, mad, people with disabilities, or mental health
	or peers. Please do not bring non-disabled friends, relatives, or
	unless they are providing attendant support or care. (Your
	children are welcome if you can't arrange childcare.) ***
	You are welcome to arrive later than the start time or leave earlier
	the end time.
	*Please invite folks you know who are in the area and would be
	in being in community with us! *
	*Access notes*: The restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Medium
	noise. There will be one volunteer ASL interpreter present for sure.
	CDIs have not been contracted (we have no money), but it is highly
	that signing community members will be present. We will be there
during the
	lunch buffet time, but a la carte menu is available at
	http://www.mayurkababhousedc.com/menu-2/ (prices range from around
$11 to
	$16 for an entree).
	*Directions*: Closest Metro stations are McPherson
(orange/blue/silver) and
	Metro Center (orange/blue/silver/red). It's also not far from Mt.
	Square/Convention Center (green/yellow). On the bus, it's convenient
to any
	of these lines (within three blocks from the stop): DCWE, D1, D3,
D4, D6,
	DC98, G8, MC100, P6, RS, S2, S4, X2, X9, 42, 53, 63, 64, 80, 220,
240, 260,
	610, 620, 640, 650, 705, 715, 725, 810, 820, 830, 840.
	*Parking*: Metered on Saturdays and good luck. (I actually do know
of one
	free location for parking but you'll need to contact me for that
	*To RSVP or contact with questions* (including about access and
	accommodations): Lydia Brown, (202) 618-0187 or
lydia at autistichoya.com.
	*Facebook event*: RSVP on Facebook at
	*About WMDSC*:
	The Washington Metro Disabled Students Collective (WMDSC, pronounced
	"whim-disk") seeks to unite disabled students/students with
	throughout the Washington Metro area, including Maryland and
	Virginia, to collaborate in organizing for disability access,
equality, and
	inclusion on our campuses. We strive to work intersectionally across
	trans, gender, race, class, immigration, and faith issues through
	organizing for disability rights. Current board of directors
includes Nai
	Damato, LaVonnya Gardner, Deepa Goraya, and Natalia Rivera Morales.
	information at www.disabledstudentsdc.org.

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