[NFBV-Potomac-Announce] FW: [NFBNET-Master-List] Access Breaking News For COVID-19 Updates on NFB-NEWSLINE

John Halverson jwh100 at outlook.com
Tue Mar 24 14:57:26 UTC 2020

Hello Colleagues,

In case you have not received this, below is  information about how to receive information on Newsline about the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are not signed up for Newsline, the talking newspaper, contact me and if you are eligible I may be able to assist you in signing up.

John Halverson: 703-867-6400, 
Email: jwh100 at outlookk.com


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Subject: [NFBNET-Master-List] Access Breaking News For COVID-19 Updates on NFB-NEWSLINE

Subject: Access Breaking News For COVID-19 Updates on NFB-NEWSLINE

In response to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the National Federation of the Blind has decided to provide up-to-date information to all eligible subscribers of the service. 

COVID-19 updates are available in the Breaking News Online category of NFB-NEWSLINE. This information is being obtained by the system searching the thirty-four publications in the Breaking News Online category for "coronavirus" and displaying the results. This information will also be available for those few states that are currently not sponsored for the next sixty days starting Monday, March 16th.

Access the coronavirus COVID-19 information using the telephone by pressing 5 from the main menu, then press 1 for the Breaking News Online category, followed by pressing the 1 key which will bring you to the virus information. If you are using the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile IOS app, look for the virus information under the "All Publications" section. The content can be accessed with Braille devices such as note-takers and refreshable Braille displays.


Thank you.


Scott White

410-659-9314 ext. 2231

swhite at nfb.org

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