[NFBV-Potomac-Announce] Braille Rally: Interested Blind Navigators . . .

Christine Grassman cfgrassman at icloud.com
Thu Oct 13 13:12:50 UTC 2022

Good morning, all.
Last night, our surprise speaker, Tom Renda, told us about the MG Car Club, which, for decades (up until the pandemic), ran a rally where blind individuals, using either large print or Braille, acted as navigators, giving driving instructions to drivers of vintage MG cars in a thirty-mile course, where certaincheckpoints are logged. Afterwards, all participants have lunch together.
This club does other things, such as bringing their cars to veteran homes so that veterans can observe and get in these cars. They stopped making them, if I recall correctly, in 1980. 
If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me right away so that I can pass your email address along to Tom and he can add you to the list of interested people.
We learned last night that our own Patty Droppers used to Braille the instructions for these outings.
Also, please stay tuned for some important information from our Corresponding Secretary, John Halverson, about a significant legislative alert that we should be focusing our attention on and the Voting Rights for Disabilities gathering this weekend. Please try to make it there to represent the chapter, because I must go out of town, and this is something we want to support and participate in.


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