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This was just  received. There may be some interest.


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Subject: Looking for Blind Singers

Evelyn and Sandy,

I received the request below from a woman who has written a musical and is looking for blind singers. I shared it among ACBVA members and am hoping you would be willing to share it among your NFB members as well. She says she is looking for singers 18-40, but when I talked to her, she is open to older blind folks as well. If people are interested, they should contact her directly.

Thank you so much.

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Hello, RoseAnn,
Thanks for writing to me.
Yes, I am looking for singers with vision disabilities for a new original musical that I have written about my friend, who is a blind drummer. One of the people who is signed on to play drums is Kevin Pinder, who plays professionally with Lafayette Gilchrist, a jazz musician and composer for "The Wire" on HBO.
I'm looking for two male singers, ages 18-40, and one female singer, age 18-40.

Also looking for two singers without vision issues: a female, age 18-40, and a female, age 30-60.

I'm located in Bethesda, MD, and the musical most likely will be staged as a reading in a theater  in the DC or MD area early next year. We haven't rented the theater yet. I know it's early to be looking but it might take some time to pull this together.

The music is musical theater style with some jazz elements. My favorite composers are Sondheim and Kurt Weill.
Here is some information about me:


I produced my musical, My Beautiful Darkened World, for three shows at the former Highlight Theater in Silver Spring, MD in 2017 and we had a full house each night.

If you would like to talk further on the phone let me know and we can set that up.
Thanks for your interest,
Alice Lipowicz

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I received your email from a friend of a friend who has been active in community theater. She indicated that you are looking for blind or low vision individuals interested in singing on stage. Can you please provide me with more information? What type of music? What is the time commitment? Where will performances take place?

I myself am blind and have done some community theater a number of years ago. I am also well-connected within the blindness community and would be willing to share information about your project with others.

Thank you.

RoseAnn Ashby
(703) 403-0226 – cell

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