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Tue Jul 30 14:48:55 UTC 2019

Dear Friend,

My friend Nalin developed an on screen Braille keyboard for android mobile
phones. Available in playstore.
Please try it out and spread the information to the persons who are in need.

Below states the information about the keyboard

Advanced Braille Keyboard(A.B.K) is basically a tool for typing text in
smart devices.
It allows one to use touch screen(Braille Screen Input) or physical
keyboard connected through Bluetooth or OTG cable to type text in a
Perkins-like way, i.e. braille patterns.
Simultaneous multiple press of combination will produce respective letters.

What is Advanced-Braille-Keyboard :
User manual : https://advanced-braille-keyboard.blogspot.com/
Video Tutorials :
Forum : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/advanced-braille-keyboard


1 Languages : - English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, German,
Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Italian, Dutch,
Hungarian, Tamil, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Bengali-Bangladesh,
Bengali-Indian, and Kannada.

2 Braille Screen Input :- Use touch screen to input using braille
combinations, simultaneous braille combination press on touchscreen will
produce respective letter.

3 Physical Keyboard Input : - Use Bluetooth keyboard or USB keyboard
connected through OTG cable to input text by pressing respective braille
combination simultaneously.

4 Support Abbreviations & Contractions in grade 2 and grade 3 in English
and Malayalam.

5 Support Punctuation's, Emoji's, and Numerals(Nemeth code).

6 Simple-Mode : - Simplified braille for kids and beginners by avoiding
contractions and abbreviations.

7 Conventional Braille Mode : follow same rules of braille instead of
Unicode based.

8 One Hand Mode : - Type using one hand by separating braille combination
to first and second half. First 1,2,3 turns to 4,5,6.

9 Keyboard configuration : - Change keys representing each dots and other
keys such as punctuation, abbreviation, capital, map switching, letter
deletion and one hand skip.

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