[nfbwatlk] Out of Options?

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Also, the number of years in the majors plays a role.

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Loren and all,


Well, I'll take a shot at answering your question.  Each player can only
be sent out (or down as it were) to a baseball team's minor league
system a certain number of times.  If the team wants to do that, they
exercise an "option" not to keep the player on the 25 man roster, and
send that person to the minors for experience and whatever other reason
they have.  This keeps the team from having to trade the player or put
him/her on waivers. Once the team has used all the "options", probably 5
for each player, they can't do that anymore. At that point, they have a
limited number of choices.  They can trade the player, or put him/her on
waivers.  If the player is put on waivers, another team can pick him up
(I guess for the same amount of money he's being paid now) without any
remuneration to the team he's on.  If he gets "through waivers" without
being picked up, then the team can pick him up with a new minor league
contract and put him in the minors if they want to do that.  However, in
Ian Snell's case, he's too good, and certainly another team would snap
him up if he were put on waivers.


I think I have these things right.


B. P.  

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