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Hi Denise,

I wish I had a crystal ball with the answer for you.  There are so many
aspects about blindness, when we think we have made inroads to making
changes andprogress, then a new generation of people come along and we seem
to be bback to square one.  This has been one of the biggest disappointments
to me in my 41 years as a Federationist. Always starting over, one step
forward - two steps back. 

Would or could there be an impact if we got school boards attention to this

How did we happen to get that short segment on the CBS news?

Is that 10 percent rate also in Washington State? 

Do you personally thinkg it is the lack of qualified instructors inBraille?
Or more at the administration level?
Is there a reluctance in parents wanting their child to learn Braille, If
so, is it ignorance about Braille or the image of their child reading

Haven't thought this out in detail, but what if we created a program that
went into high schools or colleges, talking to students, possible
prospective special ed students, or students looking for a career and inform
them on the value and  benefit of teaching Braille and the impact then can
have on blind children?

Wish I had an answer.

Best regards,

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The link below is a clip of an interview of a parent I was able to mentor at
National Convention in July.  I have just returned from the Junior Science
Academy at the Jernigan Institute.  At least 4 families are fighting the
same prejudice to braille.  What is it going to take to stop this injustice?
It is so infuriating.

Denise Mackenstadt
dmackenstadt at comcast.net

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