[nfbwatlk] Character Recognition for Security Reasons?

Prows, Bennett (HHS/OCR) Bennett.Prows at HHS.GOV
Thu Aug 12 09:45:59 CDT 2010

Ok, here's another rant from me.  More and more now, I have gone to web
sites, and tried to sign up for things, send comments or feedback, even
tried to contribute to a Congressman's campaign.  The problem is, I get
through the information required fields, only to be confronted by an
instruction to fill in the visual characters below.  Of course, I can't
see them, so, ..., some sites have a "audio" feature.  I click on the
link, and am instructed to type in the characters I hear.  I listen, and
can't remember all the characters I've heard.  So, I write them down in
Braille, and try to type them in.  Often the site won't let me, because
I assume you are supposed to type them somewhere as they are spoken.
Then, I try to write each character  in real time as I hear them, and
can't do it, as JAWS tells me I've skipped over the "edit box".  (not in
so many words.)  


So, how do we fill in the characters at the audio link?  Anybody know.
I'm getting sick and tired of spending my valuable time, (don't laugh
now) filling out applications, billing information boxes, comment boxes,
etc, to be stopped by the security features I don't know how to use, or
can't, which is it?


I know this has been a topic for years, and capsha (spelling please) has
been a particularly prickly subject, but I'm now really fed up and

Ok, enough for now.  And, if I don't have a character fill in box here,
I'll now try to send this to the list.  (grin.)




Bennett Prows

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