[nfbwatlk] braille note battery question

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Aug 24 15:46:04 CDT 2010

Braillenotes have a history of having battery problems -- so a 
replacement is probably in order.


At 11:22 PM 8/23/2010, you wrote:
>On the Braille Sense, sometimes the battery percentage gets skewed 
>and there's a procedure to recalibrate it. Perhaps there's something 
>similar for the BN? Otherwise, perhaps your battery is getting tired.
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>>My braille note's battery went clear down and I've had it 
>>recharging for over a day and the level is only at 23%.  I don't 
>>know why it is so slow at recharging.  How do I know if it needs a 
>>new battery or not and where to get one, if I do need one.

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