[nfbwatlk] ACB Referrals

Alco Canfield amcanfield at comcast.net
Thu Aug 26 13:46:54 CDT 2010

Yes, there is enough sniping and snapping out there.  Everyone makes
mistakes.  I think it is good that ACB referred.


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This list is archived for all to read forever. May they be friends or...
Lets try to remember that.
Besides, I would take it as a gift anyway, lol!
On Tue, 24 Aug 2010 18:03:53 -0700, Marty Cartwright wrote:


>  Do the ACB folks not even take geography in school? Or do then New 
>England folks really think that they are the only thing that matters.

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>Recently, I have been handling the voicemail messages on the NFBW
>The other day we received a message from a woman who said that the ACB 
>had provided with our number.  The woman said that her daughter was 
>blind and would be starting college and would need financial help.  
>Since Rita is our scholarship committee chairperson, I gave the name 
>and number to her for handling.

>Rita telephoned me today saying that the woman lives in Maine, and her 
>daughter would be attending college in Tennessee.  Rita said that the 
>woman told the person with the ACB where she was living and where the 
>daughter would be attending college.  For some reason, the ACB provided 
>the woman with the NFBW telephone number.  Rita provide the woman with 
>all of the information, including the NFB national scholarship program.

>Since speaking with Rita, I have spent a couple of seconds (only a 
>couple) analyzing this referral.  First of all, we can be glad that the 
>woman now has the correct information.  Secondly, this may be another 
>example of geography not being taught in our schools.  Or possibly, the 
>state of Washington is a New England State, which means that my 
>geography knowledges sucks.
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