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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
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Go to the link:


and find the current rlease. When you find it, go back one link (shift tab) 
and then tab to the link for the release. Now hit your Applications Key if 
you have a 104-style keyboard. If you have a 101-style keyboard, hit 
Shift-F10. You'll be in a context menu of a number of choices. Select "Save 
Target As ..." and hit ENTER. You'll be in a file dialogue box. Go to the 
Save button or hit Alt-S and the file will be downloaded. If you don't know 
where the file will be downloaded, before you hit Save, tab over and you 
will hear an item telling you where the file will be saved. I shall assume 
it's in "My Documents".

After the file has been downloaded, Open My Computer and go to where the 
file is located and find the file. If the file is in My Documents, you'll 
have a desktop shortcut pointing to My Documents. Just hit ENTER on it and 
find the file by using your up- and down-arrow keys.

If you have a Flash reader, take the SD card out of your Stream, insert it 
in the Reader and connect it to your computer. Otherwise, hook the long 
cable from your Stream to the computer's USB port (or one of them if you 
have several). Then turn on the Stream. I think it says "Player Connected".

If you have Windows XP Home and haven't disabled the function, My Computer 
will come up pointing to the drive representing your Stream or the Stream's 
SD card. You may get a dialogue saying you have multiple files and giving 
you a bunch of choices. You want the one to open in Windows Explorer. You'll 
then have a window pointing to the drive of the Stream or it's SD card, 
depending upon whether you have the Stream hooked directly to the computer 
or are using a SD card reader (this is faster).

Now select the $VROtherBooks folder and hit ENTER on it.

Now go back to your My Documents window. Hit Control-C to paste the 
presidential release to the clipboard.

Now go back to the My Computer window representing your SD card. Hit 
Control-V to paste the file to your $VROtherBooks folder.

Now execute the Safely Remove Hardware option from your System Tray. If you 
do a single left click by hitting Alt-L when you're pointing to the Safely 
Remove Hardware icon, you'll get a dialogue asking if if you really wish to 
safely remove the hardware. Hit S or ENTER. When you here the balloon sound, 
you may disconnect the card reader or Stream. If you had the stream 
connected, turn it off.

You will now find the release in your Other Books folder.

If you use Humanware Companion, the process is a bit easier but the release 
will be in a subfolder under $VROtherBooks rather than directly in that 



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> Hello Everyone!
> I need to find out how to place the current Presidential Release on the 
> Victor Stream, all the steps! Thanks!
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