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            Victor Reader Stream:  New version, New companion, New SoftPak!

            Longueuil, May 26, 2010 -- Count them, not 1, not 2, but 3 important announcements for our Stream customers.

            Firstly, HumanWare is pleased to announce a Version 3.2 Stream free software upgrade with support for Russian, Belgian Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese languages. Imagine the popularity of the Stream now extends worldwide from Australia and New Zealand, to the tropics of Brazil, to North America, more than a dozen countries in Europe and now even to the streets of Moscow. Stream supports 14 languages with more to come!

            Secondly, HumanWare is also announcing a new version 3.2 of the Companion Software that is compatible with both the Stream and ClassMate. This newly updated free software now provides a backup and restores SD card features. Other new features include transfer of DOC and PDF files. For your convenience, Companion now converts MS Word DOC files to HTML and PDF to text files so you can access them on your Stream.

            Finally, version 3.2 has hidden treasures that you should know about. In addition to new languages and general maintenance, we now have the underlying framework to support our long anticipated SoftPak. The Stream SoftPak is optional software that provides five features for which we have had many requests: support of the EPUB book format, ability to play Audible's Enhanced Audio books, playback of MP4 audio including iTunes, Support for MS Word DOCX and ability to record in MP3 or Wav file formats.

            We are offering the version 3.2 Stream and Companion upgrades at no charge. For more information and to download visit www.humanware.com/stream_software. After installing 3.2 you may take advantage of the optional software features by purchasing the SoftPak for a nominal charge of $49. 

            For more information about the Stream SoftPak visit www.humanware.com/softpak. You may also purchase SoftPak online from that page or by calling our customer service team toll free at 1-800-722-3393.

            About HumanWare

            HumanWare (www.humanware.com ) is the global leader in assistive technologies for the print disabled. HumanWare provides products to people who are blind or have low vision and students with learning disabilities. HumanWare offers a collection of innovative products, including BrailleNote, the leading productivity device for the blind in education, business and for personal use; the Victor Reader product line, the world's leading digital audiobook players; the SmartView family of handheld and desktop electronic magnifiers; and myReader2, HumanWare's unique "auto-reader". For more information about HumanWare, visit www.humanware.com . 




                  Join us for
                  a Webinar
                  on June 3


            RFB&D - VR Stream Download Training 101 

            Thursday, June 3, 2010 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT


            Want to learn how to get your Victor Reader Stream ready for RFB&D books? Need a quick refresher on how to download RFB&D books to your Victor Reader Stream? Join us for a short 30-minute demonstration and find out what's new at RFB&D and HumanWare. The demonstration will cover the following topics: 

            ·                                 How to sign up for RFB&D 

            ·                                 Apply and install the RFB&D User Authorization Key (UAK) on your VR Stream 

            ·                                 Download RFB&D books to your computer and build your audio books library 

            ·                                 Easily transfer your audio books to your VR Stream 

            ·                                 Questions and answers 

            Once registration is complete, an Accessible Event code will be e-mailed to all attendees. That way, those who use a screen reading software will be able to listen to the content of the PowerPoint slides during the presentation. The code and instructions will be provided shortly prior to the presentation date. 

            Register now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/164179337




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