[nfbwatlk] FW: Organizing For Seattle: Election Season is Near

Jacob Struiksma lawnmower84 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 13 01:56:03 CDT 2010


Hi Everyone,

Some of you may be feeling the annual instinctual urge to call random people
and convince them to support good causes.  Well, that's because November is
coming quickly and there are a lot of important races and initiatives on the
ballot.  The Win/Win Network asked for the OFS endorsement of the initiative
they are supporting so a few of us got together and sifted through the
details of each initiative.  It didn't take long to conclude that the
Win/Win Network platform was a good one to endorse (Eyman bad, income tax
good, etc...).  For an analysis of each initiative check out this
-services.  At the end of this email are three opportunities provided by the
Sierra Club to get involved in specific campaigns.

As for the two OFS priorities, education reform and transportation, there
has been a fair amount of activity over the summer.  There a couple of fun
opportunities to get involved in stopping the deep bore tunnel, having a
party in the streets while raising awareness of pedestrian issues, and
advising the city council on how the city can become carbon neutral.


*	Seattle teachers have a new contract that signals a new approach to
teacher and school district accountability for student achievement.  Check
out this summary for more details.

*	The Youth and Families Initiative Action Teams are being formed
right now and should be announced soon.  Then the real hard work begins.
Stay tuned.


*	Deep Bore Tunnel: SCAT is collecting signatures to put an initiative
on the ballot next year to stop the deep bore tunnel.  You can download one
of their signature collection sheets. The sheets and instructions for
collecting signatures are found with these links.


*	Carbon Neutral: This Tuesday from 6-8 PM at City Hall you can tell
City Council what Seattle should be doing over the next three years to reach
our climate protections goals in eight sectors: transportation, green jobs,
land use, energy, youth, neighborhoods, food systems and zero waste. How
about less highways and more light rail to start Mr. Conlin!?

*	PARK(ing) Day: This Friday is PARK(ing) Day where all over the world
people are taking over parking spaces and empty lots/parking lots and
turning them into parks.  Streets for All is helping to make a super fun
park on Capitol Hill.  Last year this park was one big party.  I expect even
more awesomeness this year.  Details here  


Sierra Club Political Opportunities:

1.	First, the Sierra Club is hosting a "Meet Joe Fitzgibbon" Event and
Fundraiser at the Owl n' Thistle from 5-8pm on Thursday, Sept. 23rd.  Joe
will be there, of course, and we're hoping that Sharon Nelson (who's seat
Joe is running for and who is also running for State Senate in the 34th)
will be there and possibly Mike O'Brien.  It should be a great event, so
spread the word! 

2.	Next, the Sierra Club is going to working in coordination with Joe's
campaign for weekly phonebanks out of WCV's office downtown (1402 3rd Ave,
Suite 1400) on Wednesday nights, starting Wed., Sept. 15th.  We'll be
calling from 5:30 to 8pm to talk up Joe! 

3.	Similarly, the campaign for Ref. 52 is also hosting phonebanks out
of WCV's office on Tuesdays.  It supports weatherizing schools and other
public buildings, making them energy efficient, all while producing green
jobs.  The Ref. 52 campaign is also hosting a Kickoff Party at Fremont
Brewery on Sunday, Sept. 19th from 4-6pm.  

!Si se puede!

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