[nfbwatlk] Fwd: Evening BARD Training at WTBBL

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 00:17:01 CST 2011

Well, because some of us are not techno geeks, and are just now 
being dragged kicking and screaming from cassettes.  I will never 
be unsympathetic to older folks I know who say, I just don't get 
this cell phone stuff and I guess I don't care.  We aren't all 
computer savvy people.  I just recently got my digital player.  I 
love it, but haven't figured out how to download books yet.  I'd 
go to the training if I were closer.  Ah well, once I leave 
southern California I will not have high speed Internet anyway.    

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