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Yes, I think this is a bad discrimination against the blind people in
America. It is so bad. It is like, for example, if one gets promoted for the
job, and then the employer interviews that person, and the employer finds
out that she or he are Muslim. And just because that person is of Muslim
religion, he or she will be rejected from the job. Do you see what I mean?
We are blind people, among others E.G. gays and lesbians, African Americans,
Hispanic, Etc. Who deserve the same respect as all other people. I think
what the C-Trans is doing is so wrong that they need to get sued. I mean,
Yes, we the blind need to take really serious actions about this. This is
not inexcusable!

But anyways, now that my judgment s are out of the way, have a beautiful
weekend and relax1

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Earlier today I posted a job listing from c-tran here in Vancouver.  The
position was for a fiscal analyist.  In the announcement it mentioned that a
valid Drivers license was required.  It did not say a state ID will be ok
also.  In the past C-tran has done this on many job announcements for
non-driver related postitions.  We the organized blind the NFBW have talked
with C-tran staff about this and were assurred this would not happen again.
What do you think? 
Is this discriminatory or just a lousy HR Department
Should we take further  action beyound the usual phone call?
Anyway,  I would love it if someone would apply for the position.  I think
its time we kick it up a notch and take some real action that gets C-trans
I had to get that off my chest.  I believe C-tran does a good job providing
transit to Clark County but these continued rediculous drivers license
requirements for non driving positions are crazy.
Anyway have a great weekend.
Hope we take action.
Hope you have a great weekend.
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