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Frederick Driver wt329 at victoria.tc.ca
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I can't remember if Graeme's new book has been announced here or not.

I threw together this little blurb earlier so I could use it to recommend
to libraries.

Please consider recommending the book yourself to your local libraries.

And indeed reading it.  It's a wonderful and important book!



The Politics of Blindness: From Charity to Parity.
By Graeme McCreath.
Granville Island Publishing, 2011

The most important piece of writing on blindness in Canada in a long time.
A new and progressive perspective on a visible minority whose situation,
whose history, and whose voices have too long been ignored.

The book bears endorsements from:
- Dr. Michael Prince, Lansdowne Professor of Social Policy (U.Vic.), and
author of Absent Citizens: Disability Politics and Policy in Canada
(Toronto: University of Toronto Press);
- The Right Honourable David Blunkett, British M.P., and former Cabinet
Minister (Home Secretary, Education Secretary, and Secretary of State for
Work and Pensions) in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Tony Blair.
(In fact, Mr. Blunkett wrote the foreword to The Politics of Blindness.)

"Graeme McCreath's book challenges longstanding prejudicial stereotyping
and the charity based approach to meeting basic needs of blind Canadians.
He presents an agenda of reform that is practical and progressive, some
will say radical, for improving the status of blind people.
--Michael J. Prince, Author of Absent Citizens: Disability Politics and
Policy in Canada."

"The Politics of Blindness examines the conventional approaches to
numerous problems that affect people who are blind (such as education,
Braille literacy, economic inequities, stereotyping, job training and
employment opportunities, poverty, rehabilitation and social services)"

"The Politics of Blindness offers compelling arguments for ways that
Canada can be a more inclusive country. Graeme McCreath's vision is to
have blind citizens contribute to society, thus empowering the blind and
creating awareness of their needs in today's society."

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