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You are invited to Accessibility Camp Seattle!  


Please pass this around to all interested groups.

Where: Seattle Public Library, Central Branch (1000 4th Avenue)

When: May 20 & May 21, 2011

Website: www.accessibilitycampseattle.org a.k.a. www.a11ysea.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/a11ysea

Email: a11ysea at live.com

Twitter:  follow #a11ysea or @a11ysea 

Phone: 800-248-9965 ext 102 

Cost: FREE !

Accessibility Camp Seattle is dedicated to the simple premise that "digital
inclusion" is fundamental to our digital age. Much as disability advocacy
has transformed our physical world we now must look critically at how we are
building the digital world so that it welcomes and empowers everyone. We
will bring together the thinkers, the coders, the students, the teachers,
the visionaries, the pragmatists, the designers, the writers, the readers,
the dreamers and you to actively engage on this critical topic. This event
embodies the "nothing about us, without us" rallying cry from the disability
rights movement.

What To Expect

Accessibility Camp Seattle is a community facilitated, participant-driven
event. It is different from a standard conference in that a conference has a
set agenda with speakers at the front of the room and attendees listening
from the audience; the information flows from the speaker to the attendees.
For our event, the agenda is set by you and all attendees are encouraged to
speak and listen. In other words, we want the information to flow multiple
ways! We want to hear what you have to say. We want you to find other people
who care about the same things you do and for you to start talking at this
UNconference. and then to keep talking and building after the event is over.
We believe that by getting the right people together to talk and brainstorm,
we plant seeds of collaboration that will bear fruit outside of this event.

How Will That Happen?

Friday night we'll have a social gathering to eat good food, become familiar
with the space and to get to know each other. As you meet new people, ask
what they are passionate about. When you find someone with a similar
passion, ask if they want to put it on the agenda for Saturday.

Saturday morning when you arrive at the fourth floor of the library, find
"the grid"-a table of 3 columns and 4 rows-that represents the agenda for
the day. We will have three sessions going at the same time and we will have
four time slots throughout the day.

Volunteers will be at "the grid" all day, taking suggestions for topics to
add to the agenda. Please add a topic and then sell it to other people and
then get people talking, brainstorming and working towards new solutions!!

Our friends from Accessibility Camp Toronto express our intentions well.

The goal of the day is to provide an open, informal space where attendees
will drive the agenda.

Sessions can cover all aspects of IT accessibility and end-users with
disabilities, from the web, to software, mobile phones and apps, online
gaming, open source innovations, and everything in between.

Regardless of your level of knowledge, this event is for you. It will be a
great opportunity for members of the design/development, usability,
accessibility, other IT and end-users with disabilities communities to
interact and learn from each other.

Participation at an unconference is crucial to its success and we want to
give people every opportunity to express their ideas and learn from the
people around them. In the next few months before the event, tell us what
you want to happen at the event. Ask questions about what other people are
doing. Let's start talking about how we make technology better for
every.one. Join the conversation on Facebook or on Twitter.

Where to register: 

To attend, you need to register at www.accessibilitycampseattle.org so that
resources for you can be allocated. 

Questions regarding listening devices, accessibility, or accommodations at
the event:

Please contact the Seattle Public Library at 206-615-1380 V / TTY or
leap at spl.org.

Accessibility Camp Seattle

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