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From Sister Pangu Jonese(Widow). BKK Thailand. ty-----6541 at att.net
Wed Mar 23 04:35:48 CDT 2011

>From Sister Pangu Jonese(Widow).

I am Sister Pangu Jones(Widow), The daughter of Late Woo Lungy from Bangkok Thailand(Asia). I am 28years old, my late husband is the formal Chief financial officer of New Zealand’s Oil & Gas Company Ltd 2006, we lived together in Bangkok Thailand(Asia) until he was killed early this year during the attack that took place in Bangkok Thailand between the RED SHIRT and BLACK SHIRT.

Dear it took me time to summon courage before emailing you from Bangkok Thailand(Asia), am suffering from long time cancer, my condition is serious and according to my late husband doctor. Before the death of my husband, he told me on his sick bed that he deposited some money with the COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT BANKERS (CIMB Thai Bank PCL) bkk Thailand Branch, the sum of Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (Usd$7.5M). 

After disclosing this secret to me, he gave me Deposit Certificate he used in Depositing the funds in CIMB Thai Bank PCL Bangkok Thailand, he never wanted to tell me about it until the moment that he was about to die, he told me that his reason for telling me about this funds secretly is because after his death that he knows his family will not allow me to inherit any of his wealth or property.

He told me that Thailand Government will not allow me to make this claim since i am not legally married to him, my late husband told me that i can only get the fund claimed through the help of a foreigner like you that will stand as his business partner, I made up my mind to travel abroad, leave the rest of my life and continue as a missionary.

Presently,all the Documents concerning the Fund is with me, now that my sickness has gone this stage, I am scared and I want the funds to be used for investment between you and me, i have prayed and told God to direct me to an honest person who will receive this funds and utilise it together with me and for things that will glorify the name of God, after my prayers, I decided to contacted you alone my beloved one. 

Please I will appreciate you send the following information to enable my late Husband Lawyer commence the claim the procuring of the necessary document that will back you up as my late husband business partner and next of kin for immediate arrangement with the COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT BANKERS (CIMB Thai Bank PCL)BANGKOK THAILAND BRANCH on how the Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (Usd$7.5M) will be claimed by you.

1. your full name.

2. Your contact address.

3. Your telephone/fax numbers for prompt communication.

I await to here your urgent reply.

Thanks and God bless you.

Sister Pangu Jonese(Widow).

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