[nfbwatlk] spam messages

Humberto Avila hum4avila_71 at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 23 18:19:02 CDT 2011

Hello Listers,
We definitely need to fight off spam out of this list. Yet, I don't
understand why and how these spammers get the information for sending to a
mailing list. isn't it trickier to send spam messages to a whole mailing
list instead of to a single person? did that spammer subscribed to this
mailing list and then sent this message?
I think sending spam messages to a mailing list is worse than sending spam
messages to one person only. sending spam to a mailing list sends the spam
message to even hundreds of people subscribed to it.
let's fight the spam!
"We learn more from our failures than through our successes."
--Dr. Denise Robinson, Teacher of the blind

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