[nfbwatlk] spam messages

Lauren Merryfield lauren1 at catliness.com
Wed Mar 23 19:11:53 CDT 2011

I didn't receive any spam messages recently.  PURRhaps Comcast, or as I call them, Tomcats, is filtering some of them out.  

I am working on packing and getting rid of some old stuff.  I couldn't believe what all I still had.  Some of Jim's things are being donated.  I kept a few of his things, like some of his writing.  

The movers come on the 4th, the kitties and I go down to CA on the 5th, and I sign my lease at my new apt on the 6th.  Internet and phone will be connected on the 11th.  I think I start work on the 18th.  

My cell phone and email will remain the same.  
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