[nfbwatlk] List Rules & Administrivia (Monthly Post)

Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Sat Oct 1 11:45:24 CDT 2011

"NFB of Washington Talk" list Rules and Administrivia


(1) As stated at




the purpose of this list is to facilitate discussion among members of the
NFB of Washington and to present a means of disseminating announcements of
interest to members of the NFB of Washington. 

There will also be occasional posts concerning issues of major importance to
the blind as well as announcements concerning activities of the National
Federation of the Blind.


(2) As list moderator, I take a rather broad view of the range of topics
allowed on this list. In general, however, let's all try to keep discussions
germane to blindness and, more specifically, to 

the National Federation of theBlind and/or the National Federation of the
Blind of Washington. There are other mailing lists primarily designed for
discussion of other topics and other aspects of 

blindness such as problems with the GUI Interface, diabetes, dog guide
issues, etc. etc. etc. Nevertheless, discussion of such matters is
definitely not prohibited as long as such discussions don't 

dominate the list.


(3) There are several exceptions to the "blindness-only" focus of this list.
I have declared that discussions of Mexican food, the Seattle Mariners and
the Seattle Seahawks are explicitly 

blindness-related! (huge grin)


(4) When posting messages, bear in mind that the Internet extends worldwide.
While the focus of the list is matters of concern to the NFB of Washington,
list messages can be read by a wider 



(5) The only messages which will absolutely not be tolerated are those
containing personal attacks, VIRUSES OR WORMS, SPAM or blatantly anti-NFB
propaganda. To those who protest that such 

prohibitions limit their freedom of speech, I say: (a) your Internet Service
Provider never guaranteed you complete freedom of speech; (b) there are
other, more appropriate lists for such material 

and (c) NFB resources fund this list so it is not in NFB's interest to
provide a forum for messages whose purposes are inimical to those of NFB.
Questions about NFB policies and procedures are 

welcome. However, messages designed to stir up controversy rather than to
elicit information -- troll messages -- are not welcome. Persisting in
posting messages in prohibited categories after 

being warned by the list moderator may result in temporary or permanent
suspension from the list. Fortunately, we have had no such incidents.


(6) Messages sent to the list from addresses other than the one you used to
subscribe to the list are held by the list software for approval by David
Andrews or me. Therefore, if you want your 

messages to appear without delay, send them from the correct address.


(7) Although little of the material such as virus warnings, scam warnings
and/or tips, politically-motivated diatribes and feel-good ("glurge") posts
that is passed around the Internet is relevant 

or appropriate for this list, if you *do* believe that some post you've
received is so important that it warrants posting 

on the list, please check with






or other similar sites to ensure that the material is accurate and isn't a
hoax, or, worse, itself a threat to computer security before posting.


Let's enjoy our list and keep it the vehicle for comradeship, fellowship,
discussion and concerted action that it is.


Mike Freeman, List Moderator

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