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Again, here's the official notice ---

Possible Closure of the Evergreen Radio Reading Service (ERRS)

Governor Gregoire asked all Washington State government agencies to
submit proposals for 5% and 10% cut scenarios to the current budget.  As
part of the Washington State Library and the Office of the Secretary of
State, WTBBL was required to participate in this process.

The proposed cuts were submitted to the Governor and the Office of
Financial Management on September 22, 2011.  Closing down the Evergreen
Radio Reading Service was a part of our agency's cut scenarios.

The Governor has called the legislature in for a special session
beginning in November.  While we don't know what the final outcome will
be, we want you to be aware that the possible closure of ERRS is on the


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WTBBL Director
Program Manager
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p: 206.615.1588 / f: 206.615.0441
danielle.miller at sos.wa.gov
www.wtbbl.org / www.facebook.com/WTBBL

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Maybe I missed something, but what's going on with the Radio Reading 
Service? Is it a victim of the state budget cuts?


Original message:
> I forward this message, because this says so much about the service.
> Thank you, and I hope to see you at WTBBL this Saturday if you would 
> like to have your voice heard.
> -Mike Mello

>> From Frank Cuta PAC Member:

> All,

> Reading has always been a passion for me.  It's a pastime ,  it's a
> support system, it's a refuge and a way to learn and grow.   Although I
> read  1 or 2 books a month,   the bulk of my reading for the past 20
> years has been accomplished by just listening to the  radio.  But The
> impending demise  of the Evergreen Radio Reading Service    is more than
> just the removal of a convenient way  of reading it's the death of a
> community and  special culture. So I want to eulogize briefly some of
> the programs I love as I prepare to see them leave my life forever.  Not
> to be too melodramatic but once the technical expertise, studio space,
> production technology and volunteer support structure is lost rebuilding
> it anytime in the near future is inconceivable.

> Its hard to imagine that the morning reading of the Seattle times and
> PI will soon fall silent.   Most of these readers are like old friends
> although I have never met them.   Some of them have been reading me the
> paper for the last  10 or 15 years.  Its not anything like listening to
> the paper read  over the telephone or read on line with a personal
> computer --  I turn on the radio when I get up and each morning   as I
> prepare  for work I get to listen to these old friends describe the
> photos on the front page and read me the morning news.

> The show I will miss the most is the science fiction show that Jeff does
> and which I never miss.  Jeff is our most talented reader and could
> probably go to work for NLS.    I have been a devoted listener to this
> show as long as he has been doing it.  There is a lot of science fiction
> available in the form of recorded books and periodicals but they can
> never replace this very special weekly program.

> I will miss so many many programs because they concentrate on reading
> materials that  have a northwest flavor.  Examples are Leanne's show
> Publications  Northwest where you can always count on hearing some
> Robert foldgum;  Richard's show state wide news  which features articles
> from all papers east of the mountains; and john's history show the "Way
> it was, which has recently covered the settling of Seattle  from the
> native american viewpoint, the history of the Tri-Cities and  David
> Thompson's exploration of the Columbia River.

> I will miss another category of shows unique to our  radio service that
> deal with living healthier, cheaper, greener   safer, stress free more
> fulfilled lives.  Examples are Trish's show contemporary living, which
> features articles on relationships  and personal growth;   Kathy's show
> Smart Shopper, which features articles on recycling, living cheap and
> green; and Joy's green  survival, show on gardening in the northwest.

> When  the evergreen radio service dies  there will be no more
> entertainment east, a show that pulls together announcements of  all the
> plays, concerts, fairs  and festivals from all of the  major towns east
> of the mountains.  There is literally no other resource available that
> is anything like this for  persons who are blind.

> I will really miss listening to Chris read the sports news  over my
> coffee  Every Saturday morning.  I am sure that there is nothing else
> like this on any other reading service because its Chris that makes the
> show.   This show features articles on a broad range of sports but its
> Chris's charm,  sharp wit, relaxed demeanor and  enthusiasm that makes
> this show so enjoyable.

> I do not expect to ever find a  replacement for Edgar's science digest
> and xx medical abstracts show.   These are hands down the most factual
> and professional programs  featuring current science and health
> technology on the air.  They beat  hands down the similar shows offered
> by other reading services.
> medical abstracts  has been a great way to stay current on the latest
> In  cutting edge drugs,  treatments and hospital procedures.

> Lastly, I  am sure that when the radio reading service closes  social
> commentary  in your face  publications such as "the stranger"  and "real
> change"
>  will no longer be a part of my life or that of any other blind person
> who liked to just turn on the radio and listen to them.

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> Michael J. Mello

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